The Challenge

This challenge is called “Postcards from California” and features small (4 inch by 6 inch) pictorials of California scenes.  Some suggestions to get you thinking about a pictorial postcard:  the natural environment, such as mountains, deserts or coastal scenery; native flora and fauna; images of agriculture such as farms, ranches and dairies; manmade scenes, such as towns and cities, bridges, monuments, museums, and theme parks; historical images from California’s past; and recreational settings.

Deadline:  February 12, 2012
Open to all
Size:  4 inches by 6 inches (traditional postcard size
Writing may be included
Make a label for the back of your postcard containing the following information:

Postcard from California Challenge 2012
Your Name and Address
Title of Postcard
Location of scene

On a separate piece of paper, please include a short paragraph explaining the scene you hooked and any additional information that you wish to share.  This information may be used in promotional materials and articles concerning this challenge.

Bring the finished postcard to Monterey Fiber Jam at Asilomar, or mail* the finished postcard to me.  I will document and photograph each postcard.  The first display of the postcards will be at Monterey Fiber Jam in February 2012.  I plan to write an article for submission to a rug-hooking publication.  Ultimately, I would like to take a display of these postcards to various guilds, camps, and rug shows in the State.  If there were sufficient interest, I would explore the possibility of having this display exhibited in galleries or other public venues.

To find out more about Monterey Fiber Jam at Asilomar, please go to Laura Pierce’s website at:


5 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. Gail; I’ll work on it.. I’ve tried to send you a reply at rug hooking daily, but have not been successful

  2. Gail,
    I am interested in submitting a postcard.
    1. What will happen to these once you are finished showing them in 2012?

    2. What is your address? ( did I miss it somewhere ?)

    Yvonne Hynes
    Vestal, NY

  3. i have missed the deadline but have so enjoyed seeing the postcard mats that others have done. I’m sure it will be a great show!

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