Glorious Sunset

California Sunset

Glorious Sunset "Anywhere, CA"

The next postcard comes to us all the way from Sherwood Park in Alberta, Canada. It is most appropriate for me since I just returned from Christmas in Oahu, Hawaii. I (almost) feel a little disloyal to California saying that, but this “Glorious Sunset” postcard reminds me of some Oahu scenes that are still flooding my senses. Cec Caswell, a fiber artist renowned for her use of vibrant colors, does not disappoint us with her interpretation of a sunset that could be found in “anywhere, CA.”

In Cec’s words:

Glorious Sunset

I am a stranger to the beautiful State of California. Alas, I have always imagined glorious sunsets, beautiful beaches and palm trees swaying in the breeze.
This hooking is my fantasy of a State that I’ve always wanted to visit.

Cec’s “Glorious Sunset” postcard reminds me of Southern California beaches, although it could be found around Santa Barbara and the Central Coast too. Maybe even as far north as Santa Cruz.