Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies by Jo Franco, Perth, Western Australia

Monarch Butterflies by Jo Franco, Perth, Western Australia

What could be more perfect than Calif spelled out in Monarch Butterflies! Jo’s Monarch Butterflies comes to us all the way from Australia. This is the Postcard that has traveled the greatest distance to reach us. Thank you, Jo.

Monarch Butterflies always remind me of California. This card is hooked on Hessian with hand dyed 100% wool carpet yarn from New Zealand “a left-over” recycled from a carpet company and sari silk off-cuts.


The Lone Cypress

"The Lone Cypress" by Larry Clark

When visiting the Monterrey area, what else reminds you of this area of Central California’s coast line other than the long cypress that clings to life on a rocky point stuck out into the Pacific Ocean. Years ago, I took my daughter on a coastline trip of California from Crescent City to Carmel. We drove the 17 Mile Drive and stopped frequently to look at the ocean and finally the Lone Cypress. I had a new camera that I was learning to use and took some pictures. While some of the pictures turned out pretty good, some didn’t but this is still a very memorable event that was diminished due to a poor camera shot. Larry Clark

The Lone Cypress reminds me of the week I spent at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, California, attending the Monterey Fiber Jam. As you know, the Monterey Fiber Jam was one of the catalysts that set me on this “Postcards from California” journey.

Ocean view at Asilomar, Pacific Grove, California

Monterey Fiber Jam

Postcard Displays

CA Postcards on Display at the Monterey Fiber Jam

SF Bay Area Postcards on Display

The Monterey Fiber Jam 2012 is over and it was a huge success. The “Jam” kicked off with the CA Postcard Display. See Laura Pierce’s blog for more posts on the “Jam.”

Postcards displayed at Asilomar: 50
Two more postcards have been posted from Australia and should be received any day now and I expect to receive a few more within the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for more posts of the postcards and a calendar of events for the Postcards from California.

Willets on the shore at Asilomar State Beach

Another possible CA Postcard scene.

Monterey Pine

Monterey Pine, Pinus radiata

Monterey Pine by Gerri Shaw

Gerri Shaw sends us a postcard of the Monterey Pine.

The Pacific Coast around Monterey has many of these trees hanging on to cliffs looking over the ocean. This scene was created from my memories of driving along the coast road going south towards Carmel.

Wikipedia tells us that

Pinus radiata is a species of pine native to Central Coast of California, in three very limited areas located in Santa Cruz, Monterey Peninsula (Monterey), and San Luis Obispo Counties.

It is fitting that in just four short weeks we will be gathering on the Monterey Peninsula at Asilomar Conference Center celebrating fiber art. I hope to see and, thanks to Gerri, identify many Monterey Pines.