Mission San Luis Obispo

The Mission at San Luis Obispo by Maureen McIlwain, Toronto, Canada

Mission San Luis Obispo by Maureen McIlwain, Toronto, Canada

Mission San Luis Obispo is the 53rd postcard in this series and comes all the way from Toronto, Canada. It is also the 3rd California Mission to be represented by a hooked postcard preceded by San Juan Bautista and Mission Dolores.

My niece, Kayla, goes to the University of California at San Luis Obispo. Her mom and I went to visit her and took a side trip to the mission. It was wonderful. I have many wonderful memories of visits with them in Topanga, but thought this would be fun to hook. Plus, as I said on my label–it’s a step back in time to a gentler time. by Maureen McIlwain, Toronto, Canada


My Garden

My Garden by Kay Carmichael, Beaverton, Oregon

My Garden by Kay Carmichael, Beaverton, Oregon

Kay writes

Two steps outside my back door and I see beauty in all directions. This is my interpretation of the view. It tells me how close an art subject can be for all of us.

I love Kay’s sentiment–right now my backyard in Turlock, CA is filled with birds singing, and trees, flowers, and shrubs blooming. I don’t get to look out at a vista, but within my little fenced backyard beauty is abundant. The day is poised for 90 degree weather and it’s not even May yet. The mornings are wonderful, but it will be hot this afternoon.

Mission Dolores, San Francisco

Mission Dolores, San Francisco by Sunny Runnells

Sunny Runnells was born and raised in San Francisco just two blocks from Mission Dolores. California means a lot to Sunny and she chose to hook one of California’s chain of 21 missions. Mission Dolores was founded in 1776 and is the oldest intact mission and the oldest building in San Francisco.

Drake’s Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore

Drakes Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore

When I was growing up in Marin County, my family made many visits to Drakes Beach, which is part of Point Reyes National Seashore. It is named for the British explorer Sir Francis Drake, who landed in California in 1579. It’s resemblance to the white cliffs located on the English channel suggest that this is the area he named Nova Albion or New Albion, which is Latin for “New Britain”.
Dana Reneau

The Lone Cypress

"The Lone Cypress" by Larry Clark

When visiting the Monterrey area, what else reminds you of this area of Central California’s coast line other than the long cypress that clings to life on a rocky point stuck out into the Pacific Ocean. Years ago, I took my daughter on a coastline trip of California from Crescent City to Carmel. We drove the 17 Mile Drive and stopped frequently to look at the ocean and finally the Lone Cypress. I had a new camera that I was learning to use and took some pictures. While some of the pictures turned out pretty good, some didn’t but this is still a very memorable event that was diminished due to a poor camera shot. Larry Clark

The Lone Cypress reminds me of the week I spent at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, California, attending the Monterey Fiber Jam. As you know, the Monterey Fiber Jam was one of the catalysts that set me on this “Postcards from California” journey.

Ocean view at Asilomar, Pacific Grove, California

Monterey Fiber Jam

Postcard Displays

CA Postcards on Display at the Monterey Fiber Jam

SF Bay Area Postcards on Display

The Monterey Fiber Jam 2012 is over and it was a huge success. The “Jam” kicked off with the CA Postcard Display. See Laura Pierce’s blog for more posts on the “Jam.”


Postcards displayed at Asilomar: 50
Two more postcards have been posted from Australia and should be received any day now and I expect to receive a few more within the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for more posts of the postcards and a calendar of events for the Postcards from California.

Willets on the shore at Asilomar State Beach

Another possible CA Postcard scene.