Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge by Sunny Runnells,  Lantzville, B.C., Canada

Golden Gate Bridge by Sunny Runnells, Lantzville, B.C., Canada

Golden Gate Bridge
Location: Marin Headlands
Sunny Runnells, Lantzville, British Columbia, Canada

The Golden Gate Bridge is California’s most famous icon and is special in so many ways–it is a structure of beauty and transports thousands of people across San Francisco Bay daily.

Sunny Runnells shares her families’ history with the Golden Gate Bridge…

Golden Gate Bridge is just beautiful. My mother and grandmother drove across it on the day it opened (May 28, 1937). I first walked across it when I was 13 and again with my youngest daughter when she was a teenager.


Golden Gate in the Fog

Golden Gate in the Fog by Larry Clark, Roseville, CA

The Golden Gate Bridge celebrated its 75th Birthday this past week. Happy Birthday to our most beloved California icon which stands as a symbol of what could be accomplished by hard-working people during the great depression.

The Golden Gate Bridge – How many times have you been in San Francisco or better yet, Oakland and all you see is the top of the Golden Gate Bridge while the lower half is shrouded in fog. Day or night, I have seen this picture and it is always amazing how the fogs hangs so low over the water and yet several hundred feet above the water, blue sky. Larry Clark, Roseville, CA

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

I Left My Heart in San Francisco by Jo Franco

Location: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

This card is hooked on Hessian with hand-dyed, one-hundred-percent-wool carpet yarn from New Zealand—a “leftover” recycled from a carpet company—and sari silk offcuts.

Jo Franco, Perth, Western Australia

I was very excited to receive postcards all the way from Australia hooked by Jo Franco. Jo is an active member of The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers (TIGHR). She is the Newsletter Editor and Web Administrator. TIGHR is having their Tri-ennial in Southern Australia in October of 2012. Check out their website to find out more about TIGHR and their Tri-ennial celebration.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge by Barbara J. Hager-Paulsen

On Thursday, March 15, I loaded up the postcards and took off for San Jose, California. I was invited to bring the postcard display to the Peninsula Rug Hookers Guild at the Rose Garden Library. Several people from this guild were participants and it was incredible to meet people (some strangers) who took a leap of faith and mailed me their postcard and California memory. One such intrepid person is Barbara Hager-Paulsen who sent Golden Gate Bridge. The front of the postcard shows Barbara’s hooked version of the bridge and on the back she wrote “We Did It!” 50th Anniversary!

Our family walked the bridge on the 50th Anniversary. The bridge flattened out! Never saw so many people. We also were celebrating my mother-in-laws “70th.” 2012 “the Bridge” turned “75” Happy Birthday! Barbara Hager-Paulsen

It is one thing to read these words on paper and another to listen to Barbara tell what it felt like to be in a crowd of over 500,000 people who met in the middle of the bridge in May of 1987 and felt and heard the bridge flatten out. One of the engineers who was present that day said the combination of weight and wind that day felt like a mild earthquake to people on the bridge. Barbara tells of being in the midst of all these people. Some people fainted and EMTs were unable to make their way to these people because of the crowd. It was a scary event and unknown to the people on the bridge that day engineers were worried about and busy calculating just how much weight the bridge could hold. Needless to say, there will be no bridge walk on the bridge’s 75th Anniversary. The bridge will be open to automobile traffic only! If you want to help celebrate the Gold Gate Bridge’s 75th Anniversary, check out read about the event.