Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse hooked by Nancy Winn, Sebastopol, California

Mickey Mouse hooked by Nancy Winn, Sebastopol, California

Nancy Winn is a fiber and paper-mache artist. Her animal sculptures may be viewed at her website.

Nancy’s  “critters” are lifelike, amusing, and made from “unwanted” materials. Lucky for us, Nancy also extends her creativity and art to hooking rugs. Here’s what she said about her inspiration for hooking a Mickey Mouse postcard.

I worked for Wilson Learning in the 1980’s. The President, Larry Wilson, presented employees who’d reached a one-year milestone with a gold Mickey Mouse watch. He told us, “When you check the time, this watch will remind you to have fun!” While California is more than Hollywood, Mickey Mouse is a global and endearing icon for fun.




Postcards Travel to Oakhurst, California

The Postcards spent a delightful week at Hooker Hill Rug Retreat in Oakhurst, CA.  The weather was perfect and the rug hookers attending camp thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Postcards displayed next to the registration table when they walked into the building.  Campers were first greeted outside by the Wool Poppies banner that looked so very fine in this  majestic mountain setting.  Then when they opened the door, the Postcard display was there to greet them.

Campers were greeted by the Wool Poppies when they registered.


Postcard Display at Entrance

The “stories” that inspired each postcard are kept in this binder that is held by Gail Becker.

Postcards on Display at ECCO, Evergreen Conference Center, Oakhurst.

Mission Dolores, San Francisco

Mission Dolores, San Francisco by Sunny Runnells

Sunny Runnells was born and raised in San Francisco just two blocks from Mission Dolores. California means a lot to Sunny and she chose to hook one of California’s chain of 21 missions. Mission Dolores was founded in 1776 and is the oldest intact mission and the oldest building in San Francisco.

California Oaks by Sunny Runnells

Sunny Runnells, who was born and raised in San Francisco and now resides in Canada, designed and hooked a postcard depicting our rolling “golden” hills with old oaks. She said

The rolling golden hills scattered with oaks are still my favorite landscape.

If you are interested in reading about old growth oaks in California, I highly recommend Dan Griffin’s blog about Pacheco Pass in the Diablo Mountain Range.

Western McGown Teacher’s Workshop, Eugene, Oregon

Western McGown Teachers Workshop

Postcards from California displayed at Western McGown Teachers Workshop.

This is the front side of the Postcard display.

Postcards from California display at Western McGown Teachers Workshop.

And, this is the back of the display.  All 52 postcards fit on the front and back of the blue carpeted display board.  (Double click on photos to see enlargements).

Postcard stories and table display.

A small table was used to hold the binder with all the stories behind the postcards and a few postcards that are meant to be picked up allowing the back to be admired.

The Postcards just returned home from Western McGown Teacher’s Workshop in Eugene, Oregon.  They participated in the rug show and were given a position of prominence.  They were displayed on a blue carpeted stand and never looked so good.  The blue background only enhanced their beauty.

At the awards show on Thursday night Jane McGown Flynn picked several rugs from the  rug show that appealed to her for specific reasons.  This year she singled out the “Blue Whale,” hooked by Cai King for acknowledgement.  She said that the restrained use of bling added to the impression that the whale’s tail was breaking the water’s surface.  She was struck by the detail that is contained in these small scenes.

More Photos from Cambria Pines Rug Camp

Postcards from California, photo by Carla Jensen

The Postcards were displayed along with the binder that told the story behind each postcard.

Examining the backs of the postcards.

Examining the backs of the postcards.

Some of the postcards were displayed on the table allowing viewers to pick-up and touch these little works of fiber art. They found out that the backs of the postcards told their own story.

Taking a bow for the postcards. Photo by Carla Jensen

I couldn’t help taking a bow for the postcards.
Double click on each photo to enlarge.

Camarillo, CA

Camarillo, CA by Martha Whelchel

This is a postcard from Camarillo, CA. It is a small farm town between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. We have the Pacific Ocean on one side of the 101 freeway and mountains on the other. Farming is our main industry. We grow lemons, avocados, strawberries, lettuce, and tomatoes–everything for a good salad. We are the home of U.C. Channel Islands. We have an airport the U.S. Air Force left us after WWII, so there are lots of small plane activities here. It is a good place to live and raise children. Martha Whelchel