About Me

Rug hooking has been my passion for over a decade.  I have been involved with some form of needlework from an early age and love all things fiber, craft, and art.  I especially appreciate folk art and that’s why I am so drawn to rug hooking.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just discovered your page here, via your Facebook page and am delighted to have found it! I am an avid rug hooker and absolutely LOVE looking at other hookers’ work. I could spend days on the internet just looking at hooked rugs! Sometimes I tell myself that I should lock away my computer 5 days a week so I can actually get some hooking done myself!

  2. My mom, Carla Jensen, is an amazing rug hooker. I really enjoy watching my mom rug hook and she seems to be really happy to be involved. I’m a young man and so rug hooking is not exactly my cup of tea, but I greatly admire everyone’s skills and appreciate that you all keep such an amazing traditional art alive. I’ll make sure to visit this site more often!

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