Tarpey Depot

Tarpey Depot, Clovis, California by Debbie Clement

Tarpey Depot, Clovis, California by Debbie Clement

Debbie writes about Tarpey Depot

The Tarpey Depot was built in 1891 as one of three freight and passenger depots along the proposed 26-mile route of the San Joaquin Valley Railroad. Today it is the only remaining building of a project intended to bring prosperity to the new town established by Clovis Cole. The Clovis Historical Society purchased and restored this fine old building in 2000 moving it back to the original location at Clovis Avenue and 4th Street. Over the past 120 years it has also served as a winery office, post office, polling place and real estate office. It is currently the Clovis Information and Tourism office.

I learned some other interesting information about Clovis from it’s Wikipedia page….

Clovis is situated midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, bordering Fresno, in the agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley. Lying at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, which includes Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia National Parks, Clovis has been known as “Gateway to the Sierras” since its incorporation in 1912.


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