Randy My Abalone Diver

“Randy My Abalone Diver” by Carol Chloupek

This was a real feat for me. I drew my abalone diver and then added the rocks and kelp and seaweed. I was constantly asking for advice and corrections from Randy to have it as life-like as possible. We were hoping to find a very small abalone shell for this picture, but that did not happen so I had to use yarn to get the effect of a red abalone shell under water.

This postcard is dedicated to my husband Randy for his love of diving. He has been an avid abalone diver for over 35 years and we are still counting. He has enjoyed many a trip up the Northern California coast with family and friends. He has always returned home with his limit of abalone.

The California Red Abalone is a delicious treat if prepared properly which Randy has perfected to the delight of many. Not only do we get to feast on the meat of the abalone but also their large shells are beautiful when cleaned and polished.
Carol Chloupek, Fremont, CA.


Postcards Travel to Oakhurst, California

The Postcards spent a delightful week at Hooker Hill Rug Retreat in Oakhurst, CA.  The weather was perfect and the rug hookers attending camp thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Postcards displayed next to the registration table when they walked into the building.  Campers were first greeted outside by the Wool Poppies banner that looked so very fine in this  majestic mountain setting.  Then when they opened the door, the Postcard display was there to greet them.

Campers were greeted by the Wool Poppies when they registered.


Postcard Display at Entrance

The “stories” that inspired each postcard are kept in this binder that is held by Gail Becker.

Postcards on Display at ECCO, Evergreen Conference Center, Oakhurst.