The Lone Cypress

"The Lone Cypress" by Larry Clark

When visiting the Monterrey area, what else reminds you of this area of Central California’s coast line other than the long cypress that clings to life on a rocky point stuck out into the Pacific Ocean. Years ago, I took my daughter on a coastline trip of California from Crescent City to Carmel. We drove the 17 Mile Drive and stopped frequently to look at the ocean and finally the Lone Cypress. I had a new camera that I was learning to use and took some pictures. While some of the pictures turned out pretty good, some didn’t but this is still a very memorable event that was diminished due to a poor camera shot. Larry Clark

The Lone Cypress reminds me of the week I spent at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, California, attending the Monterey Fiber Jam. As you know, the Monterey Fiber Jam was one of the catalysts that set me on this “Postcards from California” journey.

Ocean view at Asilomar, Pacific Grove, California


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