The Big Clovis Rodeo

The Big Clovis Rodeo by Carla Jensen

April is just around the corner and that means it’s almost time for the Clovis Rodeo, April 26-29, 2012.

April is rodeo Month in Clovis, California. The month is full of activities including an art show and “Big Hat Days.” The last weekend of the month is the grand finale which includes a pancake breakfast, parade concert and of course the big rodeo.

Our neighbors Joe and Margaret (Snookie) Billalba have donated hundreds of hours to help make the Clovis Rodeo a great event for all who attend. Snookie announces the parade on Saturday with Joe taking on a variety of tasks. If you ask them why they give so much of their time to the Rodeo Association they will tell you because they like to put on a good show that everyone will enjoy. And for the past 23 years we have sure been lucky enough to enjoy the show with them!

So for a really fun old-fashioned parade and rodeo come join us in Clovis the last weekend in April!

Carla Jensen, Clovis, California


3 thoughts on “The Big Clovis Rodeo

  1. this rug-hooker is awesome. she should post more of her designs… but that is because I am her son and I am biased

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