California Poppy

California Poppy by Nada Ferris

Back of California Poppy by Nada Ferris

I couldn’t resist posting Nada’s California Poppy postcard. We are already seeing poppies in our yard and along the freeway. The hills will be dotted with orange before too long.

The ubiquitous CA poppy, for me, exemplifies my first vision of visiting CA in the mid-1970’s. It was spring and my husband & I took a cross-country driving trip from MI to CA. One if the first sights coming from Auburn was a blanket of orange poppies growing along the freeway seen from our convertible VW bug. They seemed to be growing everywhere there was open ground. When we were stopped at a road rest later that day and bent over to look at them closer a young boy came up to us to say they were the CA state flower and were not to be picked!


6 thoughts on “California Poppy

  1. I love the poppies and this hooked one is beautiful. They symbolize my home state to me too. i loved seeing them as a child and still love to see them. They are a fragile flower not one who likes to be picked.

  2. i can’t believe snow in Turlock…? that would be a photo… california poppies in the snow. love the poppy rugs! this one has a little chunk of sunshine too!

  3. And, it’s 75 F in Turlock today. I know I saw the snow prediction on the web, but it didn’t happen–you’all probably think I lost a few marbles. It did snow in Turlock in the 1980’s. It was an exciting event.

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