Ripe Fig

"Old Fig"

Ripe Fig by Cai King

Ripe Fig designed and hooked by Cai King of Fresno, California

Cai dedicated Ripe Fig to her husband

For my husband Daniel-
Thanks for the bountiful love & the countless miles we’ve walked together exploring the world.
Love you!

Cai King writes about her Fresno, CA neighborhood–it’s history, personal observations, and anecdotes. Her words speak for themselves…..Enjoy!

I live in an area of California that figuratively and literally is the “Fruit Basket of the World.” Harvests from vast acres of the San Joaquin Valley have made their way to all corners of the globe since the turn of the 20th century and the invention of refrigeration. My own little corner—well actually, cul-de-sac—of this modern garden of Eden was once part of a 12,000 acre fig orchard in Fresno that has slowly been carved away at to build subdivisions that provide, for people like me with less hearty farmer-stock DNA, a touch of Greenspace and a sense of heritage. Fig Garden, or “Old Fig,” as you’ll hear Fresnans call it is one of my most favorite areas to walk. Besides the cycles of citrus that mark the time of year, the sharp aroma of eucalyptus, the historic homes, and profusion of rose hues, you can find the proverbial, albeit mostly neglected, fig trees quietly repeating their destiny to ‘go forth and prosper.’ I once heard one of Fresno’s better known chefs remark that in New York he would find figs lovingly wrapped and nestled in individual tissue paper for sale for $3.00 each while at home in Fresno countless figs lay squished on the sidewalk. Ahhhh, Fresno!


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