More Postcards From California

San Juan Bautista Bell Tower

The bell tower at San Juan Bautista mission.

The San Juan Bautista bell tower is the subject of this postcard that was designed and hooked by Laura Pierce. We drive by San Juan Bautista when we go to the ocean at Santa Cruz and Monterey. The town of San Juan Bautista makes for a nice little stop to have a snack, visit the antique stores, or mission.

The second contribution from Laura is Little River Inn View. Little River Inn is located on Hwy. 1 a few miles south of Mendocino and is the location of Laura’s Little River Inn Rug Camp held each November. Each room at Little River Inn boasts a view of the Pacific Ocean and it is a charming, peaceful place to visit.

The view from Little River Inn

The view from Little River Inn

Laura finished her postcards by whipping the edges and then attaching a fiber back. She “wrote” on her postcards as if they were being sent. Each postcard tells its own story. Click on the photo to enlarge it so that you can read the text. Laura used special fabric sheets that are made to be used with printers. The difficult part of using these fabric sheets is to remember that the image must be printed backwards.

Postcard backs

The back of Laura Pierce's postcards.


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