Lighthouse Santa Cruz

Lighthouse Santa Cruz

A brief internet search revealed thirty-three lighthouses in California (please correct me if I’m wrong). There are two in Santa Cruz. Cai King hooked a California Postcard depicting the first Santa Cruz lighthouse which began construction in 1869. This lighthouse has a past that you may want to read about at When Cai asked her mother what image evoked California for her she responded, “the lighthouse in Santa Cruz.” So Cai hooked this postcard and dedicated it to her mother as her “steadfast beacon of love.”

Cai hand-embroidered the letters for Santa Cruz using embroidery thread and attached the label using matte cotton #4 and the bullion knot stitch to represent ice plants growing on the cliff.

Cai also added the ocean spray using proddy and some of her sister’s hand-woven fabric and novelty yarn.

Close up of ocean spray

I’m always amazed by Cai’s creativity when hooking her postcards. Each postcard she does has special meaning for her and each piece of wool/fiber/yarn is used for a specific reason.


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