Hooked & designed by Cai King.

After I started the postcard challenge, I asked my parents, who now live in Michigan, what image or idea they thought of when they remembered California. My father did not hesitate before saying, “Yosemite,” and then he added, “the view as you come out of the tunnel.” Of course I knew what view he was referring to—the one that includes all the Yosemite “biggies:” El Capitan, Half Dome, Clouds’ Rest, and in a wet season, Bridal veil Falls. This picturesque panorama has graced countless family Christmas cards of visitors to the Park through the years, the King family included. Trips to Yosemite include memories of my sister vomiting all over our lunches on the car ride up Highway 41 (that was a short trip!), my non-aquatic mother nearly drowning while trying to rescue my 18 month old brother after he fell into the Merced River, and a bear eating everything but the tomatoes out of our Coleman cooler. I came of age while riding the double-decker buses that toured the Yosemite Valley floor but that’s a story for another time. What can you say about Yosemite except that at least once in your life you must stand in silent awe of its magnificence?

Cai also offers some tips on hooking these small 4 by 6-inch mats that I hope other hookers will find useful.

1) Turning an image up-side down reduces the clutter in your mind so you can see simpler shapes.
2) Using the 4”x6” photo print option was perfect for resizing images so I could get an idea of how it would hook in small format.
3) Less is more.

I am amazed by the detail that Cai managed to put into this small landscape. I notice especially all the different types of wool that she used in this piece: textures, solids, spot dyes, and yarn. Notice too, her use of directional hooking to add depth and realism.


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