Adding text to small hooked mats can be a challenge. Although text is not needed for the postcards in this collection because their inclusion in this challenge provides context, it is something we are used to seeing in postcards.

Both Mojave and Beach Boys text are hooked into the postcard using wool strips.

The text in Jacarandas in Bloom is more complicated and I’m including Cai’s ups and downs as she figured out how to sew the letters spelling Glendale.

In my mind I had pictured a street lined with jacarandas but how to hook the street and make it “look” like LA? What about labeling it with the city name? To hook or not to hook? I HATE hooking text so if I was going to label it I had to embroider it. Out came my trusty Singer Touch & Sew II from 1977 (my only featured furnishing from that first Glendale apartment!) I found the font I wanted that gave the appearance of script you might find on a postcard on my computer, enlarged it, traced it onto tear-away stabilizer and zig-zagged it like a crazy woman unto some wool. I fiddled & I faddled to get the label to fit in the piece. Since the main tree was already hooked I didn’t want to rip it out—grrrr—but it did mean realigning the curb and changing up the background tree. Trimming the label to fit so I wouldn’t have to yank out hours of work meant that the hooking overwhelmed the letters as it butted up against the label—grrrrr–plan 12.3C: lay a secondary swatch under the label to serve as a picture “matting” to give the embroidered letters some room to “breathe”.

What I learned:


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