Wine Country

Let’s all raise our glasses and make a toast to Wine Country and romance.

Wine Country comes to us from Arline Keeling in Utah. She writes…

My husband takes me to California every year in June to attend Cambria Pines Rug Camp. I sometimes fantasize living in California. We absolutely love driving the coast Highway. When I think of California I think of the romantic times we’ve had in Wine Country. The vineyards and the beautiful climate are so much different from anything in Utah.


3 thoughts on “Wine Country

  1. Hi V. Sharmay,
    I loved your postcard. You’re right, it’s good living here in the Wine Country. I’m realizing this especially now when the rest of the country has had such hot weather.
    (We met in E. Black’s class at the 2010 Cambria rug camp).

  2. The soft colors really add that essence of late afternoon on a summer day in California. Thank you, Arline, I went and gave my husband a big hug 🙂

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