The Postcards

Southern California

The first postcard arrives!

The first postcard arrived in the mail today from Fresno, CA.  It is pure CA and it made me glad that I started this challenge.  The photo speaks for itself.  I dare anyone not to get a warm feeling when they see this postcard.  The back is as perfect as the front. ( I’ll be adding posts about finishing small pieces in the future.)

Here is what the artist has to say about “So Cal.”

A plethora of images played dodge ball in my brain as soon as Gail announced her Postcard Challenge, and many of those have or will get hooked, but when I actually sat down, with canvas, wool, and hook, this was the image that was Technicolor-fierce & unrelenting.  I hooked it as I saw it–two iconic images that define California globally:  our beloved Mouse & stately palm trees.  Without being too literal, I think the perspective and placement of the images hints at the awesome-ness of our state–that which we come by naturally and also what the human mind & hand have created.

Stay tuned for more information about “So Cal,” including how it was hooked, finished, and what the artist learned from this experience.


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